Celebrity Side Projects you probably haven’t heard of

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Sometimes fame and success aren’t enough. Sometimes it’s a great opportunity to use your fame and success to launch a business. This is hardly new, but not every celebrity business venture is going to become as iconic as Paul Newman’s wholefood company and charitable organisation, Newman’s Own.

Nor the obvious example of Beats by Dre. Here, instead, are some celebrity side projects you may not have heard of.

Susan Sarandon’s Ping Pong Bar Chain

Since 2009, Susan Sarandon has been open about her love of ping pong. In 2012, she donated $100,000 worth of ping pong equipment to New York schools, but it was three years before that she openly endorsed and became part of the Spin – a New York based chain of ping pong parlours and themed bars. While not the owner, Sarandon has been with the company since the opening of it’s flagship location and is counted among its owners.

George Clooney’s Tequila Company

You probably know this by now, but until he decided to become the inexplicably handsome face of Nespresso, he owned the tequila company Casamigos. Launched in 2013, Clooney later sold it in 2017 to the owners of Smirnoff and Guiness, Diageo for a deal worth up to $1 billion.

Kevin Costner’s Ocean Therapy Solutions

According to Wikipedia, “The company specializes in developing centrifugal oil-water separators.” In more simple terms, they create machines which separate oil from water after spillages. In 1995, Costner bought Ocean Therapy Solutions from the US government for $24,000,000. Whether it was a marketing ploy or impulse purchase, it was more than likely inspired by Waterworld, which was released in the same year.

Sam Neil’s Family Winery

Jurassic Park (the first one, that is) star Sam Neil opened his own family winery in his native New Zealand. By his own admission, it barely makes a profit, but the idea is more so he can produce his own wine – and good quality wine at that! So far, it’s been open longer than Casamigos, so Neil must be doing something right.

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company

In 2019, The Honest Company will be launching a line of beauty products in Europe. Starting in 2012, Alba’s company began releasing products with safe chemicals. When she furthered the company with a specific beauty division, this became an even bigger deal, leading to them raking in almost a billion US dollars over the course of the next few years.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Medical Marijuana Company

When thinking which figure on this list would have a cookbook and which would have a medicinal marijuana company, you may not expect Whoopi Goldberg to be co-owner of the latter. Available in California and Colorado, Whoopi and Maya specialise in marijuana balms and bath oils to help with menstruation pains. Founded in 2016, the company has become one of the largest growing marijuana distributors in America.

Snoop Dogg’s Cookbook

Finally, Snoop Dog’s cookbook. Take a moment to savour those words for just a moment. Written with the help of his home-girl Martha Stewart, the recipes range from baked Mac and Cheese to Billionaires Bacon to Lobster Thermidor. I know this all seems a little far fetched, but there is an Amazon page where you can purchase it for yourself. Just how many of the recipes are designed specifically to deal with the munchies is not specified, unfortunately.  


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