The UK’s Ten Hottest Halloween Events 2018

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With the summer long gone and with autumn well and truly underway, you might think the fun is gone too, but there’s a whole different kind of fun about to begin. It’s that time of year again when adults can dress up and not be judged, yes, you guessed it, Halloween 2018 is almost here.

If you’re too old for Trick or Treating, and if sitting at home ducking, the next generation of, Trick or Treaters, then there’s plenty of spookily fun-filled and affordable events you can venture to – if you’re game enough.

There are events taking place up and down the UK from pumpkin picking and carving, to haunted houses to impressively dressed Halloween parties, and there’s something for everyone.

Surviving the Apocalypse

Fancy a night putting your stamina to the test to see whether or not you have what it takes to outrun flesh-eating zombies and survive the apocalypse? If your answer is yes, then you will love the winner of ScareCon 2018’s ‘Best Zombie Experience’ award, Zombie Infection.

One of the most spine chilling Halloween events yet, you and your team will need to try and survive the apocalypse. To survive you will need to secure the last remaining safe spots as flesh-eating zombies test both your stamina and fear. Will you and your team make it out?

You can take on these flesh-eating zombies in ‘The Prison’ in Rutland (Leicestershire), or if the ‘The Asylum’ is more your style then head to Liverpool. Sheffield is the site of ‘The Factory’, and last but not least is ‘The Courthouse’ in Birmingham. Each event lasts three hours and costs £69.99 per person on Zombie Infection or you can purchase two tickets from Buyagift for £124.99. In ‘The Courthouse’ in Birmingham there is an event for age 12+ for £39.99.

The Dracula Experience

If zombies aren’t your thing then there’s always Bram Stoker’s Dracula Experience in Whitby. The Daily Mail described it as “An Eerie, Spine Chilling Show…Gripping.”

The Dracula Experience is a unique tour through the Dracula story and the connection to Whitby. Using animated scenes, electronic special effects and live actors.

In 1885 the Russian Schooner The Demeter was hit by a wild storm and ran aground in Whitby harbour on Tate Hill Sands. Mysteriously all the crew were dead including the captain who was lashed to the helm. The instant the Demeter ran aground a huge black dog was seen to leap ashore and run up the 199 steps towards Whitby abbey. The dog was known to be one of the many forms into which a vampire could transform itself. Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula had arrived in England.

So, if vampires are more your thing head to the Dracula Experience where it will cost you £3.00 for an adult ticket, £2.50 for children (13 and under) or £9.00 for a family of four.

However, if you are looking for something a little more terrifying, then why not try a paranormal investigation of 9 Marine Parade. The Dracula Experience and have joined together to offer a truly spine chilling experience. You can purchase tickets for the paranormal investigation for £24.99 per person or reserve them with a £10.00 non-refundable deposit.


If you are game for a night of fun and fear, then why not head to Hallowscream at York Maze.  Hallowscream is a terrifyingly entertaining night of fear and fun with five separate live-action haunted house attractions.

Hallowscream is based on a farm where a terrible tragedy occurred back in 1873, and the restless souls who died on that night return each Halloween to torment those who dare to visit.

If you are brave enough to visit, then you can purchase tickets via the Hallowscream website. General admission tickets will cost £22.00 per person, but are sold with an ‘Intake Period’, which means your ticket is only valid during the 30 minute ‘Intake Period’. However, if you purchase a RIP ticket, for £30.00, you do not have an ‘Intake Period’, allowing you to enter the site any time between 6:30pm and 9:00pm.

Frightmare Halloween Festival at Over Farm

This terrifying festival in Gloucester is not for the faint hearted. There are five spine-chilling attractions where zombies, ghosts and creepy clowns lurk in the dark waiting to scare passers-by senseless.

If you need somewhere to recover then you can check out the undercover arena, where live show, hot food, and beverages will help you get through the night.

Are you brave enough to survive our five terrifying live horror attractions? Then visit Frightmare were you can purchase tickets starting from £17.50.

Solve a Murder

If a night of fear and fast-paced action isn’t your thing,you might fancy a night immersing yourself in a murder mystery and putting your detective skills to the test. Why not attend an eerie overnight break at one of over 23 locations across the UK, where as soon as you step through the door, you’ll find actors mingling with guests unfolding the story piece by piece.

If an evening away solving a murder is more your style, then why not head to Buyagift, where you can purchase a two person ticket – including dinner and an overnight stay for £175.

Ancient Ram Inn Ghost Hunt

Fancy becoming a real life ghost hunter? Then why not grab yourself tickets to investigate the Ancient Ram Inn, renowned as one of the UK’s most haunted locations, and join the many worldwide paranormal teams that have investigated the inn – including Ghost Adventures.

This old inn has many reports of many dark and sinister figures, many people are overwhelmed by the feelings that are felt by unforeseen hands. The Ancient Ram Inn is a location that is said to rarely disappoint.

So, if you want to investigate one of Britain’s most haunted locations, then head over to Haunted Happenings to grab your ticket, which costs £75.00 per person.

30 East Drive Paranormal Investigation

The poltergeist residing at 30 East Drive is reputed to be one of the most haunted houses in the UK and has many similarities to the infamous Enfield Hauntings. The activity here has been so intense it caused a family to abandon their home in the mid 70’s.

This house is said to be haunted by a demonic entity and Poltergeist activity here is rife with objects being moved, lights being switched on and off and bumps and noises being heard in the hallway.

This ghost hunt will be a night to remember, but it isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you’re game enough, you can head over to Haunted Happenings and secure your tickets for £65.00 per person.

Silent Party

Fancy a night of clubbing with incredible views? Then this over the top US-style Halloween party, which strongly encourages whacky costumes, is perfect.

Why not come on board one of the creepiest voyages in London, where you will enjoy some of the creepiest beats on board a two-story Dutch Master, dressed up as terrifying Halloween classics, as you float past some of London’s most iconic and picturesque landmarks.

If this is the party for you then head over to and grab your Silent Boater First Release ticket for £25.00 or your Silent Boater Final Release for £30.00.

Mansion Halloween Ball

Are you looking to make this Halloween unforgettable? The why not party long into the night at The Mansion London? Expect thrilling entertainment, artists, live performances, and an impressive DJ line-up, and fancy dress is mandatory – of course.

The Halloween celebration, unlike any other, kicks off at 9pm until 4am on the 27th of October. So, head over to The Mansion London to grab your Early Bird ticket for £30.00 or your Standard Entrance for £36.00 and if your looking to splash the cash you can grab yourself a VIP Table for £750.00.

Festival of the Dead

Looking to make this Halloween memorable? Then ‘Festival of the Dead’ is perfect for you, it infuses elements of carnival, circus, theatre and unadulterated partying to bring you a fiesta like no other.

Fancy a night filled with carnival pageantry, giant skull processions, acrobats, dancers and beautiful decorative art and costumes, featuring a mix of house, bass and garage – all with a Latin twist? Then this is where you need to be.

You can grab your tickets for one of the six events taking placing in Bournemouth, Glasgow, Troxy (Tower Hamlets), Birmingham, Newcastle, and Liverpool, where ticket prices range between £16.85 and £29.65.



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