How to save money on clothes and still look good

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You’re standing in front of a sales rack and as you slide each hanger to the left, your eyes light up as you see a shirt in your favourite colour. But you realise that your bank account hit rock bottom last week from paying your flat rent and spending late nights at Nando’s.

People assume that you have to spend a hefty amount of money on clothing to be fashionably accepted in society. However, this isn’t the case because you can have a small budget and still be fashionable. That’s why I have put together six tips with expert advice, to help you achieve a high street look with a low-priced budget.

Charity shops

Even though it’s not guaranteed that you will always find an attractive piece of clothing at the charity shop, it can be said that this type of retail shop is the vintage gold mine. From original Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirts to DKNY slip dresses. Louise Croft, who blogs about thrift shopping at From Pauper to Princess says, “Not only are the items cheap, they’re also raising money for charity, so you needn’t feel too guilty if you re-donate things unworn. Just enjoy experimenting.” Many high street fashionistas have found their most stylish pieces from charity shops, so there is a chance that you can find your dream pieces too.

Review your closet

Do you remember wearing that graphic crop top with the rainbow pasted on the front last summer? Guess where it is, stuffed at the back of your wardrobe with the rest of your timeless garments. It’s time to clean out your wardrobe in search for your show stopping pieces. Katie Cline, a fashion blogger for Scott Alan Turner says, “I took an afternoon and tried everything on. If I didn’t like it, I put it in a pile. I got rid of things I kept needing to lose a few pounds for and tossed items I’d had in my closet for years but never wore. This gave me a good idea of what I had and what I liked.” More often than not, you forget about most of the clothing you own because of the amount of incoming clothing that you purchase from the high street. Think of it as spring cleaning, a chance for you to reintroduce yourself to your glory days.

Layer pieces

Layering your clothing may not be your typical way of dressing up. However, it is an option to consider. Many iconic fashion brands such as Chanel and Dior have incorporated this unique style of layering since the beginning of time. Jessica Chou, a blogger for Refinery29 says “Just like a bra, camisoles and layering pieces can transform your wardrobe.” So, it would be a mistake not to follow in the footsteps of these well-established fashion moguls.

Sell the pieces you don’t wear

Not only will you be getting rid of the clothes you don’t want to wear but you’ll also make a bit of cash on the side (hopefully). Saying that, there are no guarantees that anyone will buy the clothes you are selling unless you create a stall in the middle of a busy market place and advertise your short-term business. Jessica Murray from Save the Student says, “If you find yourself hoarding masses of clothes you never use, it’s time to clean out your closet and make some cash in the process.” This is an opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone and perhaps pick up a few business skills along the way.

Learn how to sew

You might think that this next option requires a high level of experience, well you’re wrong. It turns out that sewing can actually save you a lot of money. Here is a fact from Statista, “Clothing is one of the main areas in which consumers spend money. In 2016, consumers in the United Kingdom spend £68.1 billion on clothing and footwear”. There’s no doubt that the British love dressing well, but by cutting shopping costs you could be saving more money than you think. Students can keep up with their maintenance costs and as a result feel less stressed on paying their rent.

Menswear is a stylish and affordable option

Cross dressing has always had a powerful stance both in society and fashion, with drag queens turning heads from the late 1870s. Due to its strong impact, the fashion industry had no choice but to embrace this cultural phenomenon. Fashion icons such as Alexa Chung and Cara Delevingne have embraced this wave of style. A simple blazar can be accompanied with a skater dress to appear feminine but with the tomboy edge, or a sweat shirt with ripped jeans. Menswear is not only affordable but also spacious, “Put on a pair of men’s trousers and gasp in awe at the deep pockets, gaze in wonder at the blazer pockets that aren’t sewn together”. Lisa Honan, co-founder and director of Gender Free World for Huffington post talks about how menswear is convenient as you can fit almost anything in your pockets compared to carrying a handbag around full of your daily essentials.

Not everyone has the luxury of living up to the notorious quote, ‘Shop till you drop’ but when it comes to saving money and looking fabulous there are boundless approaches. By using the tips mentioned above to their fullest, it is guaranteed that your piggy bank will begin to fill up again, and you can spend more nights relaxing and less nights stressing.


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