Gummy bears and soap, what quirky things can you buy with bitcoin?

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Bitcoin, as we all know, is one of the world’s greatest mysteries: What is it? Where did it come from? But most importantly…what mad things can we buy with it? In the simplest terms a bitcoin is a type of digital currency that can be used to purchase things over the internet. It’s not the only cryptocurrency, but it is certainly the most popular and the most spoken about.

Despite bitcoin blowing up in 2017, with one bitcoin being worth over $19,000, it’s difficult to understand what a bitcoin directly translates to. One of the best ways to understand bitcoin is by knowing the kinds of things you can purchase with them, so here are some of the weirdest things you can buy with them.

Bitcoin Soap

In 2013 a couple from Southern California founded a small company that merged two of life’s greatest anomalies…natural soaps and bitcoin.

‘I feel every market is an untapped market for cryptocurrency.’ Creator Kyle K stated.

It isn’t necessarily the notion of being able to buy soap with bitcoin, which makes this one so interesting, but rather the fact that the soaps are all designed to resemble the cryptocurrency and that an astonishing 80% of all sales are made with bitcoin.

This one would definitely make an interesting gift for any bitcoin lovers out there

A Burger King

Though at face value, not a necessarily strange thing to be able to purchase, when you think about the market value of a bitcoin currently being over £5,000, £3.89 is an extortionate amount to pay for a Whopper!

In 2016, a Burger King in Arnhem, the Netherlands, announced that they would now be accepting bitcoin payments and that if you were to purchase a whopper with bitcoin, you’d be rewarded with a free one.

The Burger King bitcoin saga doesn’t end there though, because in the summer of 2017 a Russian branch announced that they would be launching their very own cryptocurrency dubbed the WhopperCoin, which would act as a rewards system for customers.

1000 Tumblr Accounts

On this bitcoin online market place, there are thousands of accounts and online offers ranging from Reddit accounts to Insomnia Cookies online gift cards to YouTube subscribers. One of the recurring products available for purchase are multiple accounts for different social media sites.  The is no clear reason why anybody would need 1000 Tumblr accounts but it’s possible there’s a potential for a good investment there!

A Degree!

Back in 2015, the university of Cumbria made headlines when it became the first university to accept bitcoin as a way of paying off tuition fees. As it stands, bitcoins are only a valid form of payment for two courses and students were warned about seeking out bitcoins specifically to pay for their degree.

The university of Cumbria stated that the acceptance of bitcoin is a trial run to further their understanding on currency.

The University has also accepted the Bristol pound.

A Big Ol’ Gummy Bear!

This gummy bear colossus weighs in at 27 pounds, and for the small price of 40BTC, he could be all yours. Unfortunately this is a listing from 2012 meaning that it would have cost much less at the time. If you were to buy this today for the same price, it would roughly convert to £192,000. Think of how many packets of Haribo you could buy for that.


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